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Sheet Metal 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine Rolling Straight Cylindrical Workpiece

Sheet Metal 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine Rolling Straight Cylindrical Workpiece

Sheet Metal 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine Rolling Straight Cylindrical Workpiece

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Power: Hydraulic Name: 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine
Usage: Metal Sheet Rolling Machine Type: Roller-Bending Machine
Automation: Automatic Raw Material: Sheet / Plate Rolling
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rolling and bending machine

Sheet Metal 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine Rolling Straight Cylindrical Workpiece


2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Two Roll Bending Machine is mainly used for rolling straight cylindrical workpiece. Using the advanced two-roll forming concept, the unit makes full use of the elastic deformation of rubber rollers to produce plastic deformation of the workpiece sheet.The unit adopts a polyurethane rubber roller underneath, and the core rod has different structures above or below.The rubber roller is driven by hydraulic cylinders at both ends to move the rubber roller up and down. When the rubber roller comes into contact with the workpiece, the plastic deformation of the workpiece is caused by the deformation of the rubber.The rolling workpiece of the unit has the characteristics of roundness accuracy and high production efficiency.


Roll Plate Bending Machine Technical Parameters

Input Voltage 380V 50Hz 3-phase AC 380V 50Hz
Unit Power 7.5KW
Rolling Diameter ¢80-1500mm
Rolling Length 30mm~2500mm
Rubber Roller Speed 4 rev / min
Pressure Adjustment Range 70-150Kg adjustable
Rolling Workpiece Opening ±5mm
Rolling Workpiece Accuracy ±0.5 mm


Usage of 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

1. The plate bending machine provides high forming precision for rolled components.

2. In this sheet metal bender, a complete cylinder is rolled in one pass and is left with a minimal flat part.

3. High bending speed is a notable trait of the plate bending roll.

4. Automatic infeed loading system and automatic ejectionimg


Our advantage of 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine

First,our machine is energy-saving which always wins the heart of customers

Second,our machine use high-precision gears which make it more efficient

Third,we are experienced in our line and many State-owned Companies had made a cooperation us.


The main components require

1. The main rubber roller is specially processed by Japanese professional technology.

2. The entire hydraulic system has a small size, low noise, stable pressure, and a one year warranty.

3. the control system uses PLC control, control cabinet main electrical components one year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

4. the main frame steel plate welding structure, post-welding aging treatment.

5. parts must be shot blasting slag, rust, after the anti-rust primer, putty painted topcoat. The appearance of the whole machine is clean and beautiful

6. when the equipment is delivered, with the accessories of the machine, common tools, operating instructions, electrical diagrams.


Introduction of 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine:
The 2 Roll Plate Bending Machine is mainly used for rolling cylindrical workpieces, carbon steel plate 0.3-4.0MM, stainless steel 0.3-2.5MM. Advantages: The winding is quick, one-time forming, precise without leaving straight edges, and the rounded workpiece is rounded to ensure that it is within 0.5MM.

It is used for rolling all kinds of metal sheets (iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate) into a round barrel with a thickness of up to 3.5mm. The rolled parts are round and accurate. The equipment is controlled by PLC, convenient in operation, reliable in accuracy and high in efficiency. It can be widely used in motorcycles, automobile manufacturing, electromechanical, solar energy and other fields. The equipment can be selected from automatic feeding and manual feeding.
The working principle and safe operation rules of the two-roller bending machine:

The upper roller of the coiling machine acts on the piston for vertical lifting movement through the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder in the central symmetric position of the two lower rollers. The final gear of the main reducer drives the two lower roller gears to engage in rotary motion to provide torque for the rolled plate. . The flat plastic sheet of the coiling machine passes through the three working rolls (two lower rolls and one upper roll) of the equipment, and the metal plate is continuously bent in multiple passes by the lower pressing of the upper roll and the rotating motion of the lower roll. , producing permanent plastic deformation, rolling into the desired cylinder, cone or part of them.

The two-roller bending machine is a two-roller roll-type bending device. It is mainly used for bending the sheet thickness of 0.5-6mm, width 300mm-2000mm in the process of cold use, and the metal plate cylinder cylinder with the yield limit below 350Mpa. Widely used in the production of various cylindrical cylinders in the automotive, food machinery, electrical machinery, fire-fighting equipment and other industries.
Features: The two rolls have the characteristics of high precision, no straight edge and high production efficiency. The highest garden accuracy error is less than 0.5mm; the highest efficiency is up to 400/hour.
Working principle: The steel plate is pressed by the upper roller between the upper roller (two rollers) lower roller (elastic roller), and the elastic layer of the lower roller is concavely shaped to cause the steel plate to bend, so that the curvature is formed.
According to different structural forms and control methods, the ability and efficiency of the machine are determined.
Analysis of the winding process of two-roll bending machine

The three rolls must be completed by four processes of pre-bending, centering, winding, and rounding, and the hydraulic automatic two-roller-rolling machine completely changes the three-roller winding method, eliminating the above process and forming at one time. The upper roller of the two-roller device is a rigid roller, and the lower roller is a flexible roller. When the lower roller is pressed by the upper roller, there is a certain radial concave deformation, and when the steel plate is fed between the upper roller and the lower roller, it is The two rolls are rolled into a cylinder. From a microscopic point of view, the rolled cylinder is actually composed of numerous small arcs.

Structural design of two-roller bending machine

The two-roller numerical control hydraulic coiling machine has two upper and lower rollers, wherein the lower roller is a flexible roller, which is a driving roller, which is driven by a motor through a speed reducer and a coupling thereof, and is driven by a hydraulic unit to vertically rise and fall, and the upper stick is The rigid roller, which is a driven roller, is fixedly mounted on the machine bed. When the lower roller is raised to contact with the upper roller, the upper roller will rotate with the lower roller, and the plastic metal plate passes between the upper roller and the lower roller of the machine. The metal plate is rolled into the desired cylinder. After the winding process is completed, the lower roller hydraulic pressure is lowered, and the roll locking head is opened to take out the product.


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